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Time Remembered Philip Sparke

AMP 006-140

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Subtitel: Elegy for Band
Componist: Philip Sparke
Serie: Anglo Music Midway Series
Instrumentatie: Concert Band/Harmonie
Moeilijkheidsgraad: 4
Type: partituur
Jaar van Publicatie: 2001
Uitgeverij-Anglo Music Press
Editie-nummer-AMP 006
Artikelnummer:AMP 006-140

The initial idea was for a millennium piece, which it is, but rather than add to the many celebratory pieces that have understandably been written to salute the 3rd millennium, Philip Sparke thought it would perhaps be appropriate to think about the aspects of life that are constantly with us (such as faith and philosophy) rather than the exciting changes that the year 2000 has undeniably wrought. This calm meditative work will bring a moment of serenity and reflection to any concert.