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The high songs Carter-Pann

The high songs Carter-Pann

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Subtitel: for Amplified Cello and Chamber Winds
Componist: Carter Pann
Instrumentatie: Cello and Chamber Ensemble
Type: partituur
Pagina's: 132
Jaar van Publicatie: 2016


Uitgeverij-Theodore Presser Company

The High Songs, a commission from 12 bands across the country, became a 24-minute suite for Amplified Cello and Chamber Winds of five movements, an instrumental song cycle featuring the solo cello in high tessitura. The calm opening (Nepenthe) is followed by a big band evocation (Moto Perpetuo). Pann further explores the ensemble with Passacaglias and Adjusting the Torque (a nod to fellow composer Michael Torke), then finishes the suite with a simple Song for Heidi, which features a piano duet. When Carter Pann writes a substantial work exploring the vitality and colors of the wind ensemble, the results are guaranteed to be ravishing.