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Snow biz! John-Jacobson

Snow biz! John-Jacobson

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Subtitel: A Fun-Filled Musical Salute to the Joys of Winter
Componist: John Jacobson
Serie: Expressive Art (Choral)
Instrumentatie: Choir
Type: set losse partijen
Pagina's: 240
Jaar van Publicatie: 2006


Uitgeverij-Hal Leonard

There's no business like 'snow' business! Just ask Weatherman Storm Watch. An overnight Nor'easter has dumped buckets and buckets of fluffy white precipitation, and it's everywhere! Join 'shredders' (snowboard enthusiasts), Professor Snow-It-All, the Zamboni Brothers, Snow Angel, skiers, skaters, curlers, ice fishermen and more in this delightful 40-minute vaudeville-style musical revue written for upper elementary and middle school performers. Seven clever original songs, zany antics and a full evening of entertainment will leave your audience in stitches! The Teacher Edition comes with the full script, accompanied songs, Production Guide and choreography suggestions. Available: Teacher Edition, Singer Edition 5-Pak, Preview CD (with vocals only), Performance/Accompaniment CD, Performance Kit/CD (Teacher, 10 Singer books, P/A CD). Performance Time: Approx. 40 minutes. For Grades 4-8.

Catch My Drift
Don't Let The Snow Stop
It Comes Out Snow
The Postal Worker March
Snow Angel
Snow Biz!
What Are We Doin' Here?