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Interactive folksongs

Interactive folksongs

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Subtitel: Multimedia Lessons for the Music Class
Arrangeur: Cristi Cary Miller
Serie: Expressive Art (Choral)
Instrumentatie: Choir
Type: Boek + cd-rom
Pagina's: 48
Jaar van Publicatie: 2012


Uitgeverij-Hal Leonard

Folksongs are powerful teaching tools. Their repetitive rhythms and melodies provide a better understanding of music concepts, while teaching us about our multicultural heritage. More than this, folk songs are just so much fun to sing! Technology is also a powerful teaching tool. The more interactivity you bring to your classroom, the more engaged your students will be in their learning. Master educator Cristi Cary Miller combines these tools in an exciting multimedia approach that teaches folksong melodies accompanied by simple Orff instrument ostinatos. Step-by-step lesson plans are printed in the Teacher Book. They coordinate with projectable music lessons on the enclosed interactive CD-ROM. Recorded melodies (without lyrics) and separate Orff instrument pitches are embedded in the projected lessons for more interactive learning and assessment. Lessons are teacher-paced, set in a click-through, user-friendly PDF format that uses Adobe Reader 9.0 or higher. Just insert the CD-ROM into your computer and click away! This collection for grades 2-5 features songs for younger students and songs for older students. Available: Book/CD-ROM. Suggested for grades 2-5.

This Train
Down In The Meadow
John Kanaka
To Work Upon The Railway
Every Night When Sun Goes Down
Bound For The Promised Land
Alabama Girl
The Frog In The Bog
Sun Don't Set In The Mornin'